Domain Test- Sep-7th; Check out this article to find out preparation material
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Dear Final year students,

We know that you must be pushing yourself to prepare for Domain test & might be looking for suitable notes to start preparation. Just to refine your notes search here, we are helping you with few good books & sites and detailed video lectures, which will help you with revision of concepts.

Go through branch wise recommendations below & also check sample questions. You will get to see similar such questions in domain test. Try solving them, discuss among friends. You can also share correct answers in comment section.

Civil Engineering

Topics: RCC Design, Construction Scheduling, Geo-informatics, Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machines, Geotechnical Eng., Water Resource Engineering.


  1. Basic Structural Analysis by C S Reddy, Edition 3rd
  2. R.C.C. Design & Drawing by Neelam Sharma, S. K Kataria & Sons publications
  3. Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Including Hydraulics Machines by Modi P N


  • - Civil engineering lectures, tutorials, eBooks, course notes, software and Wiki encyclopaedia is available here.
  • - This website covers areas of study related to civil engineering
  • - This website gives you a chance to participate in various free online civil engineering topics to learn more.

Sample Questions

  1. The effective length of a column in a reinforced concrete building frame, as per IS: 456- 2000 is independent of the_______________
    1. frame type i.e. braced (no sway) or run braced (with sway)
    2. height of the column
    3. loads acting on the frame
    4. span of the beam
  2. If two foundation one narrow and another wide are resting on a bed of sand carrying the same intensity of load per unit area, then which one is likely to fail early?
    1. Narrow foundation
    2. Winder foundation
    3. Both will fail simultaneously
    4. Difficult to judge since other conditions are unknown

Mechanical Engineering

Topics: Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Theory of Machines, Kinematics of Machines, I.C. Engines & Compressors, SOM, Engineering material, Meteorology.


  1. Introduction to Fluid Mechanics by R J Fox
  2. Mechanics of Fluids, by L H Shames. McGraw Hill, International student edition
  3. Manufacturing Science by Ghosh and Mallik


  • - Tutorial section of this website is full of notes on various important topics. Check out details by logging on to this site.
  • - This will help you search various important topics along with its industry implementations.

Sample Questions

  1. Vaporisation curve on p-t diagram for all substances possesses the following slope
    1. Zero
    2. Infinity
    3. Positive
    4. Variable
  2. A certain high tensile strength steel has a modulus of elasticity of 2 x 106 kg per square cm and a yield point stress of 6000 kg per square cm. Find the minimum limiting value of the slenderness ratio for which Euler’s equation is valid
    1. 99
    2. 80
    3. 75
    4. 57

Electronics Engineering

Topics: Microprocessor & Microcontrollers, Digital Electronics, Integrated Circuits, Electronic Circuits, Electronic Devices, EMMI, Network Analysis & Synthesis, Control System, Communication System.


  1. Electrical networks by B. L. Thareja
  2. Sedra and Smith, Microelectronic Circuits”, Oxford University press, 5th Edition, 2005.
  3. I J Nagrath & M Gopal, Control System Engineering; New Age International publishers.


Sample Questions

  1. Consider a lossless antenna with a directive gain of +6dB. If 1 mW of power is fed to it the total power radiated by the antenna will be
    1. 4 mW
    2. 1 mW
    3. 7 mW
    4. 1/4 mW
  2. Identify which of the following in NOT a tree of the graph shown in figure:

    Electronics Questions

    1. begh
    2. defg
    3. adfg
    4. acgh

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Machines, High Voltage Engineering, Network Analysis & Synthesis, EMMI, Control System, Elements of Power System, Digital Electronics, Power Electronics.


  1. Electronic devices by Sedra and Smith
  2. M. V. Deshpandey, “Elements of Power System Design”, Tata McGraw Hill, India
  3. P.S.Bimbhra, “Electrical Machines”, Khanna Publisher


  • Learn definitions & important formulas here...

Sample Questions

  1. The three impedance of an bridge shown in given figure are:

    Electrical Questions1

    1. 150 30°
    2. 400 - 90°
    3. 300 90°
    4. 600 -150°
  2. In the potentiometer circuit shown in the given figure, the value of unknown voltage 'E' under balanced condition will be

    Electrical Questions2

    1. 200m V
    2. 2.8V
    3. 3V
    4. V

Computer Science/IT Engineering

Topics: C, C++, OOPS Concepts, Data Structures, DBMS concepts, Operating System Concepts, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Networking Concepts, Computer Architecture.


  1. Object oriented programming- Balaguruswamy
  2. Computer System Architecture by M. Morris Mano
  3. Computer Networks by Andrew S. Tanenbaum


Sample Questions

  1. The following example discusses structure pointers.

    #include ‹stdio.h›

    #include ‹string.h›

    struct name{

    char lastname[20];

    char firstname[20];


    struct name full_name;

    void display_name(struct name *p);

    int main(void)

    { struct name *name_ptr;

    ______________ ;-- Statement to be filled ........


    In the above code, fill in the correct usage of the function pointer in the line ‘Statement to be filled” from the list below.

    1. name_ptr = &full_name
    2. &name_ptr = full_name
    3. name_ptr = &name
    4. name_ptr = name
  2. Take a look at the following two declarations:

    char name[] = "Jack"; -- Declaration 1

    char *name = "Jack"; -- Declaration 2

    Now consider the following statements

    1. Declarations 1 and 2 would use the same amount of memory
    2. Declarations 1 and 2 would use different amount of memory
    3. In Declaration 2, 'name' and &name [0] are same
    4. Declaration 1 would use exactly 5 bytes
    5. Declaration 2 would always use 8 bytes (4 bytes for text and 4 bytes for pointer)

    Which of the above statements would hold good for these declarations?

    1. ii, iii and iv
    2. i, iii and v
    3. ii, iv and v
    4. i, iii and iv

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