Guide to understanding your CoCubes score
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Guys and Gals, Congratulations! You have taken the first step to get the right job opportunity for yourself!

The CoCubes score will help you get shortlisted across companies, will tell you where you stand today and what needs to be done to improve your chances of getting shortlisted in a particular job role. Now that you have received your test report card, it is time to clearly understand it so that you can make the most out of it

How are the scores calculated?

  • The total CoCubes score is calculated on the basis of your performance in all the sections of the CoCubes (Aptitude, Domain, Computer Fundamentals, Coding Skills and Written English Test), in addition to your overall academic performance in 10th, 12th and Graduation Period (CGPA). Here, aptitude scores have the primary and maximum weightage and if any candidate does NOT appear for the aptitude section or his/her score is 0 in this section, CoCubes score will be 0, irrespective of the other sectional scores. It is very important for you to score well in this section to get shortlisted for any of the profiles.

  • All scores range between 200 to 800

  • Score Range

  • The maximum score is 800 which correspond to a 100% score (nobody got it so far!!)
  • In the "Detailed CoCubes Score" section as shown below, your proficiency level in each skill is indicated. To be considered for multiple profiles, it is advised that you try and achieve a high level in as many skills as possible. A green tick against any section indicates a good score and a red cross indicates a poor score, while yellow exclamation mark indicates an average score.

Detailed CoCubes Score

What is a good score? (And what is a bad score)

  • Hiring companies look for different combinations of skills based on the job profiles. Hence, your score (overall as well as in every section) is good or bad depending on the job profile you want to apply for. Job health card section of the CoCubes report tells you exactly this
  • Overall, a score of 440 is considered an acceptable score. A score of 530 or above is considered a good score in the test
  • For each section, there is also a cut-off score below which you will not be eligible to apply for profiles that require skills corresponding to that particular section. Hence, each section is important and you are advised to devote sufficient time for every section in Aptitude rather than concentrating only on one or two sections. Also, you should try and score well in other sections depending on their relevance for a particular job role.
  • The "Job health card" section of the CoCubes report indicates your suitability and your chances of being shortlisted for a particular job profile in green, yellow or red

Good or Bad Score
Should I retake the CoCubes ?
  • If in your CoCubes report you have a red cross in any of the sections corresponding to your desired profile, it is strongly recommended that you retake the test after due preparation and practice through career tests before appearing for the re-test.
  • If you have a practice mark (!) against any section corresponding to your desired profile you can consider retaking the test to enhance your chances of getting an interview call.
  • If you want to be considered for multiple profiles, it is advised that you check your skill level diagnosis in the "Detailed CoCubes Score" independent of job profiles and work to improve each skill to its highest level. A Green Tick Mark here indicates a high level of skill, Yellow Exclamation Mark indicates an average level that can be further improved and a Red Cross Mark indicates a low level and need of sufficient training.

retake recommended score range

What happens to the current score if I retake the CoCubes ?

  • If you retake the CoCubes our system would pick the best score from each of the sections i.e. in Aptitude, Domain Knowledge, Coding Abilities, Computer Fundamentals and Written English Test

Final score after Retake CoCubes

Is my coding score considered for final score? Why is coding score important?
Your overall CoCubes score does include coding score. It is Important as coding section score is one of the parameters used by IT Product companies to shortlist students.

How do I read my Job Health Card and how do companies shortlist?

  • Job Health card maps 10 most common job profiles for your job suitability namely IT Product, IT Services, ITES BPO, KPO, Operations, Software Testing, Network Administrator, Sales, Core – RnD and Core – Plant.
  • For each job profile your chance of getting an interview shortlist is indicated through the highlighted bubble and this diagnosis is also broken up to show your skill gap, if any, corresponding to relevant sections for each job profile.
  • If no bubble is highlighted in front of any profile such as in Case 4 below, it implies that you are not eligible to apply for that profile due to a score below cut-off level in one of the considered sections for that profile.
  • A Green Tick mark here under a particular skill denotes you are good to go, Yellow Exclamation indicates that you need some practice to further improve the skill, whereas a Red Cross mark indicates that your level is low for the profile and you need to take training and significantly improve this skill.
  • See the examples given below very carefully

Need training
How to understand a personality type?
    Your personality type in a combination of 5 traits in this order
  • Openness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Emotional Stability

Psychometric score

Psychometric test details

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