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'Continuous Evaluation' helps students measure and increase employability step by step
700+ corporate use PRE-ASSESS® to give opportunities to candidates
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CoCubes PRE-ASSESS® is an employability test to assess students across range of skills like aptitude, technical, personality, coding, domain etc. The score is then used by 400+ corporate across India for hiring.
Module TypeSectionsTopics
Aptitude Module (60 min)English UsageReading Comprehension ; Grammar including Articles , Prepositions, Sentence Correction, Speech, Tenses, Verbal Ability including Synonyms, Antonym, Spellings, Idioms and Phrases
Analytical ReasoningVisual Reasoning, Statement & Conclusions, Relationships, Logical Reasoning, Attention to Details, Flowcharts etc
Numerical ReasoningConcepts of mathematics including Time & Work, Speed & Distance, Algebra, Equations, Progressions, Profit & Loss, Ratios, Averages, Geometry, Data Interpretation
Computer Fundamentals (15 min) Basics of C/C++/OOPS, Basics of Data Structures, General topics in Computing Fundamentals about software, hardware, binary/decimal/hexadecimal conversions, everyday encounters with computers
Psychometric Module (15 min) Behavioral profiling based on commonly known personality traits
Domain Module (30 min)
(each student will only take relevant domain test)
CivilRCC Design, Theory of Design & Structures, Soil Mechanics & Foundation, Construction Scheduling, Water Resource Engineering / Hydrology, Geotechnical Engineering
ElectricalElectrical Machines, EMMI, Network Analysis and Synthesis, Control Systems, Digital Electronics, Power Electronics, Power System and Instrumentation, Micro-controller and Microprocessor
MechanicalThermodynamics, IC Engines and Compressors, Theory of Machine, Engineering Material / Meterology, SOM, Fluid Mechanics
ElectronicsElectronic Devices & EMMI, Network Analysis and Synthesis, Microprocessor & Microcontrollers, Digital Electronics, Communication System, Electronic Circuits, Control System
Computer ScienceC, C++, OOPS Concepts, Data Structures, DBMS concepts, Operating System Concepts, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Networking Concepts, Computer Architecture
Coding Module (60 min) Writing codes to solve a set of problems in language of choice : C, C++, C#, Java
Used by Companies
  • 400+ corporate take 5 lakh+ assessments on every year
Core Competencies tested
  • Ability to understand or visualize any real time Problem
  • Systematic or Sequential approach towards problem Solving
  • Ability to Analyze
  • Ability to deal with numbers
  • Ability to transform conceptual models into real time systems.
  • Verbal and Written Communication Skills
  • Domain specific and technical skills
  • Personality profile of the candidate to evaluate potential fit
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